Organic Sweet Potato Pie Mix

Simple. Gourmet. Delicious.

Introducing Sweet Potato Pie Mix by Farmer’s Market! Apple pie seems to get all the glory, but there’s really nothing as American as Sweet Potato Pie. It combines aspects of European, Native American and African American cuisine to create a flavor that’s like no other dessert. Our Organic Sweet Potato Pie Mix also makes a great filling in cream puffs, donuts, and other sweet treats. Our pie mix is 100% organic, with organic sugar and a dash of organic nutmeg for the perfect flavor combination. Coming to a store near you! 


  • Sustainably & Organically Grown in the USA
  • Big 9 Allergen-Free: Processed in a dedicated facility  
  • Non-GMO

Bill and Karla Chambers started Farmer's Market Foods with two crops, a piece of land and a passion for good food. Today the couple still manages the business every day. Some may call that old-fashioned; we call it a family farm.


Sustainable Farming


Sustainable farming goes beyond the crop and focuses on the farm as a whole. Ultimately our practices seek to sustain farmers, resources and communities by promoting farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities as a whole.


Non-GMO & Organic


We believe everyone has the right to know exactly what is in their food. That’s why we meet both nonGMO & Organic standards via traceable, verified ingredients & third-party audits.

Nutritional Info

Sweet Potato Pie Nutritional Panel


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