Organic Pumpkin Puree

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Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin Puree has the fresh, pure flavor you’d expect to find at a country product stand. This rich, smooth puree is ready to use in everything from baked delights to entrees. Use it in a variety of recipes, including: pies, muffins, cookies, soups and chili! Check out our recipe section for more ideas on how to get more pumpkin in your diet. Try it today and learn why the most popular food bloggers prefer our Organic Pumpkin Puree!


  • Sustainably & Organically Grown in the USA
  • Big 9 Allergen-Free: Processed in a dedicated facility
  • Non-GMO

Bill and Karla Chambers started Farmer's Market Foods with two crops, a piece of land and a passion for good food. Today the couple still manages the business every day. Some may call that old-fashioned; we call it a family farm.

Sustainable Farming

Sustainable farming goes beyond the crop and focuses on the farm as a whole. Ultimately our practices seek to sustain farmers, resources and communities by promoting farming practices and methods that are profitable, environmentally sound and good for communities as a whole. Food Alliance certification is a voluntary means for agricultural producers and food companies to address growing customer demand for traceability, transparency, and social and environmental responsibility. We've worked with the Food Alliance since 1997 on sustainable farming standards and practices, because it's important to us to keep the land healthy so it can continue producing food for generations to come.

Non-GMO & Organic Pumpkin Puree

We believe everyone has the right to know exactly what is in their food. That’s why we meet both nonGMO & Organic standards via traceable, verified ingredients & third-party audits.


Nutritional Info

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin Puree



7 reviews for Organic Pumpkin Puree

  1. Sal

    I buy this pumpkin for my cats. It tastes great and it’s the only pumpkin they’ll eat. I’ve tried cheaper brands, but they refuse to eat them. Someday I’ll use it for pumpkin muffins.

  2. Jon

    Consistently wonderful and reliable for me and mostly for my dog (a heaping teaspoon every day keeps her extra healthy).

  3. Jackie LaChapelle

    I use this pumpkin because it has the closest flavor to sugar pumpkin that I have ever had. The big companies offer what is known as squash pumpkin and it taste is more like squash than pumpkin. Not Farmer’s Market!!! Purest taste available! I make Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake and Pumpkin Praline Raisin Muffins that both are to die for! Friends and relatives think I use fresh pumpkin puree. I cannot believe people are reviewing this regarding their pets. This is made for humans to eat just as much as your pet. Please keep selling for human consumption as there is nothing that compares in the market.Thank you Farmer’s Market for making quality!!!

  4. Gini Carter

    I have used canned pumpkin for years for pies and breads. This brand was new for me a few years ago and I have been amazed at the difference in the taste and quality of the pumpkin bread that we get from Farmers Market organic pumpkin purée. I’ll never go back as long as it’s available. I attempt to use only organics in all my cooking but they are still not consistently available. I was delighted to find this in my regular grocery store. Now that I see that you also have butternut squash purée I will be able to make my favorite winter soup with far less difficulty than before. Keep doing what you are doing and thanks for all of it!

  5. Mike

    I followed the recipe on the side of the can of Organic Pumpkin Purée and was left with a soupy mess. Two eggs and 12 oz. of evaporated milk is entirely too much liquid. I wish I had known that the recipe was defective as I could have fed the pumpkin purée to my cat.

    • Erin Burt

      Hi Mike,

      We’re sorry you had a bad experience, and thanks for letting us know! Sometimes this issue can be remedied by putting foil on top to protect the crust and letting the pie bake longer, checking on it frequently. The kind of pan you use–glass, metal, or foil–can also impact baking time. But please know we are looking at the recipe ratios and determining how we can provide a better experience. Thanks for using Farmer’s Market.

  6. Laurene

    I used to love this brand and pumpkin purees but since December, I have only had can of liquid pumpkin puree! Needless to say, I can’t do anything with it. Not sure if it’s to be cost effective and not take a price increase but lord! pure LIQUID. I probably had thrown 10 of them, and each time I go to stores hoping it was just a bad batch, I give a shake and you can just hear water in them. Been very frustrating!

    • Erin Burt

      We’re sorry to hear that, but we can assure you we add nothing to the pumpkin, ever. We will have someone from our customer team reach out for photos or lot numbers from the cans that have the issue you’re describing so we can look into it!

  7. Sheila McKay

    I love this pumpkin puree, it is so tasty and creamy! Thank you Farmer’s Market!

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