Pumpkin spice rules fall coffee, but there are so many other flavors to enjoy this season! When you’ve had your last PSL, try this delightfully mellow butternut squash syrup in your next cuppa. Our Organic butternut squash is grown and processed right here on the farm, so we mean what we say when we say it’s organic, vegan, and top 9 allergy-free. We can say that because we know it never shares space with any allergens or gluten! Our soils and fertilizer are also vegan because we use only our own organic fertilizer produced from our biogas plant. Not only does our plant turn veggie scraps into energy, it also produces a rich, organic and vegan soil that’s unlike any other.

Turn your morning coffee into positive change by supporting a family farm that stands for a sustainable future.

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Butternut Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup

Course Drinks


Butternut Squash Butter

Simple Syrup:

  • 8 oz Water
  • 1/2 cup Dark brown sugar


Make the Squash Butter

  1. Place all ingredients together in a pot and mix together well.

  2. Heat on low heat stirring frequently to create a butter. Make sure that the sugar is completely dissolved. Do not let it boil or burn. 

  3. Heat for 10-15 minutes or until as caramelized as you'd like. Pull off heat and set aside.

Make the simple syrup

  1. Heat water and dark brown sugar together until the liquid simmers/boils and the sugar completely dissolves. Set aside.

Make the Butternut Squash syrup

  1. Mix syrup and butternut butter together until smooth. Can be blended together and strained.

  2. Chill and add to coffee.