A pumpkin shortage in the Midwest is not impacting the largest supplier of organic pumpkin.

Farmer’s Market Foods, one of the largest suppliers of organic canned pumpkin puree with 95% of the market share in natural foods, will not be shorting customers or increasing prices.  This news after growing concerns of a pumpkin shortage and supply issue in the Midwest.

“Our gourmet pumpkin is looking gorgeous this year!  We will not have any shortages” says Karla Chambers, co-owner of Farmer’s Market Foods, an Oregon-based family owned and operated farm.

The demand for pure pumpkin has increased steadily in the past few years because of its versatility, flavor and nutritional value.  As the holiday season approaches, more consumers are looking to add it to everyday items like lattes and smoothies to add flavor and richness.

Farmer’s Market Foods has made a name for itself by growing perfect pumpkin varieties using certified organic farming practices and pureeing vine-ripened pumpkins immediately after harvest.  “You can really taste the difference.  As farmers, we know that the last three days on the vine make all the difference in taste and nutritional value,” says Chambers.

Look for the orange and gold pumpkin label at your local retailer and try Farmer’s Market’s organic pumpkin.  For a list of retailers that carry Farmer’s Market, go to:

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